24 Hours Gallery Weekend

Already last year we visited Gallery Weekend, mingling with hundreds of art enthusiasts to let ourselves inspire by numerous creative, bizarre and fascinating artworks. There was a lot to discover, plenty of people filled the gallery spaces and we are looking very much forward to this years Gallery Weekend, when 64 artists show their works in over 50 galleries. We recommend to just go with the flow and hit random galleries as it proofed to be the best way to discover the greatest works and gain totally new impressions.

This year we prepared a special something for you as we will report live from the Gallery Weekend and fill this blogpost as we go along exploring. We will show what we see in small videos, Instagram snapshots and location hints. This way you can see where we hang around, get an insight into the galleries or enjoy the Gallery Weekend online if you won’t be in Berlin. Me and our guest reporter Matthias Planitzer from Castor und Pollux will report in this very blogpost, on the Castor und Pollux facebook page as well as on our Instagram and Vine. We’ll start Friday night, stay tuned for more.

[Friday, 07:10 p.m.] Gallery Weekend is on. We start our odyssey at Mitte’s Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, where Avery Singer shows several monochromous paintings of rather robotic figurines of a mechanist’s dream. Supposedely painted with cologne, the space is too crowded to smell the fine scents used.


[Friday, 07:30 p.m.] We move on to Weydingerstraße, where several galleries on a narrow strip line up with their contributions. Christian Nagel shows Clegg & Guttmann, two artists who, tongue-in-cheek, collected magazine covers featuring some of their works in the background.


[Friday, 07:44 p.m.] At Gallery Croy Nielsen, Alexandra Bircken dissects every-day objects and bodies formed of such, surgically accurate and with a fetish for bollocks. Inside and outside transformed.


[Friday, 08:10 p.m.] Eigen+Art’s space is rather crowded. Carsten Nicolai shows “crt mgn”, typical of his style, uses electromagnetism and simple devices such as an old-fashioned TV to break image and sound into mere pieces.

[Friday, 08:30 p.m.] Julian Charrière seeks in “On the sidewalk, I have forgotten the dinosauria” once again for the constitution of space and time, when he makes their transitivity visible by drastically condensing their inner structure. He works both geologically and archaelogically: drill cores, condensed sand grains from all countries of the world and melting icebergs compress space and time to a comprehensible minimum. Charrière’s friendship with fellow artist Julius von Bismarck, who celebrates his opening at Alexander Levy’s right now, is strikingly visible in his iceberg pieces – the Sisyphean task of fighting against mother nature is present in both artist’s work. Upon seeing this, the deepest wish is to be a curator putting up a show for both artists and other fellow students from Ólafur Elíassson’s Institut for Raumexperimente.


[Saturday, 11:30 a.m.] Mariana Vassileva with her series ‘Fold and Break’ at DNA Gallery

[Saturday, 12:30 a.m.]‘The Makers’ by Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz at Liebkranz Gallery

[Saturday, 12:40 a.m.] Lottogewinner in Holger Bär’s series ‘Glück’ at Deschler Gallery

[Saturday 01:17 p.m.] ‘Bar Shrines, Lamps and Other Paintings of Light’ by Dan Witz at gestalten, Sophienstr. 21

[Saturday 02:22 p.m.] Valie Export mit ‘Bilder der Berührung’ at Zak Branicka Gallery

[Saturday 02:43 p.m.] Gallery Jochen Hempel shows beautiful minimalistic works by Jong Oh

[Saturday, 02:49 p.m.] Lawrence Weiner at Konrad Fischer Gallery

[Saturday, 03:00 p.m.] Esko Männikko & Pekka Turunen show Pemoht at Gallery Nordenhake

[Saturday, 03:14 p.m.] ‘Bawoo at 30′ by Nelli Palpmäki at Gallery Tail Persons


[Saturday, 03:30 p.m.] Nikolaus Eberstaller presented his “Battlefied Love Memorial” in an artist talk at Whiteconcepts. Money eating sow Marie Cochon, however, was the passersby’s darling.


[Sunday, 03:20 p.m.] Alexander Levy Gallery: Julius von Bismarck staged a car accident: Just the oak at the central point of Germany fell a victim to the artist. The car damage: happened in the studio. The car: Placed there during night. Local news cited a police spokesperson few days later, the accident had “stunt-like characteristics.”


[Saturday, 03:40 p.m.] At Crone Galerie, Jerszy Seymour proves tongue-in-cheek, what riding the S-Bahn really is: mindless, monotonous and most of all, anonymous.


[Sunday, 03:55 p.m.] Michel François shows at Carlier Gebauer among other artists several experiments with material, highly poetic conflicts of substances, that breathe an exalted lightness and a fluid spirit.


[Sunday, 04:10 p.m.] Video tapes. DVDs and their sleeves, remote controls and other antique technology gathers Joep van Liefland at gallery Gebr. Lehmann, whom most know as one of the founders of Autocenter. Stripping their contents and function, he seeks in “Traces” the “murder of the video”. Internet kills the video star.


[Sunday, 04:20 p.m.] Jan Dibbets’ “New Colorstudies” at Konrad Fischer dissolve car paint in manifold magnification into caramel sweet colour spaces, that resonate with their surrounding, mirrored in their surfaces, and reveal themselves in the scratches – deep wounds – as fragile, blunt and dull matter. A celebration of colour, but a marred one.


[Sunday 04:35 p.m.] Mihai Grecu & Thibault Geize at Hengesbach Gallery: “Glucose”.