Αlexis Vasilikos

Αlexis Vasilikos is a Greek artist based in Athens. He has recently launched his website, which contains a wide range of imagery. When we first contacted Alexis Vasilikos we were already wowed by his impromptu photography.

Vasilikos' photos seem to have no relation with each other, they constitute fragments of a particular moment. When we asked him to talk a bit about himself -impossible for him to keep out of the way his art- he sent us a list of short poems. A proof that, you can not be just a fine photographer if not an insightful critic. Vasilikos shoots to convey emotion through the pictures as opposed to himself: 'Ultimately the image like any other form is a pointer to the imageless, the formless, the undefinable essence from which all phenomena manifest', he states. Photographing with the temperament that 'the true power of an image lies in its ability to still the mind, not to feed it' and then manage to actually capture it. It is easy to understand why we have developed a tender for his talent.

All images © Αlexis Vasilikos